About Us

Welcome to the website of the Our Lady Queen of Peace chapter of the Lay Dominicans.

What are Lay Dominicans?

Lay Dominicans are “men and women, singles and couples living a Christian life with Dominican spirituality in the secular world. We find our inspiration following the same spiritual path taken by many saints, blesseds, and other holy men and women throughout the almost 800 year history of the Dominican order.”

Where do you meet?

At St. Louis Bertrand Parish in Louisville, KY.  However, many of our members are from other parishes and even from outside the city of Louisville.

When do you meet?

We meet on the first Sunday of every month after the 10:30 AM Mass at the parish hall (around noon).

How can I view the latest news?

Take a look at our blog.

Where can I find out more about Lay Dominicans?

Visit www.3op.org.

Is there another Lay Dominican Group in Louisville?

Yes, there is a second Lay Dominican group which also meets at St. Louis Bertrand.  Unlike our group, it is restricted to women.  They do not have a website, but if you are interested in them, contact us and we will put you in touch.